Record Fair/Party

A record fair/party at APT in NYC tomorrow, concentrating on 7inches. Link

Record fairs on Friday and Saturday evenings and weekend mornings are held at the worst possible times for Djs. Shakey’s Record Fair is held on weekdays at night to accommodate DJ hours.

The fair takes place 4 – 6 times per year at venues of various sizes. All kinds of music is represented: punk, techno, experimental, latin, club, rap, rock, house, jungle, reggae, etc.. Vendors selling music related merchandise, such as videos, handbags created out of record covers, t-shirts, etc. are also welcome. To add to the fun, the fair program includes drink specials, contests, and Dj sets from notable record collectors.

“it’s a record fair…no, it’s a party, it’s a record fair AND a party!”

email me: shakey(at)
or call 201-679-9736