Now I know what this myspace page I came across a while back is all about: Grimm is releasing a graphic novel through DC Comics. That’s such great news. Especially pleasing because I was listening to American Hunger this morning. If you don’t know, American Hunger is his triple cd that was just released and that sh*t is like whoa. Keep a look out for our upcoming audiocast where we’ll feature one or two tracks. Link

San Diego, CA, July 24, 2006: MF Grimm is writing a graphic novel based on his life story to be released on Vertigo (DC Comics) in 2007. The project titled Sentences: “The Life Of MF Grimm” was announced at the San Diego Comic Con this past Friday by Karen Berger, Senior Vice President of Vertigo with the illustration above previewed to the media and audience assembled. Illustrated by hot newcomer, Ronald Wimberly the project is an unflinching look into the life of underground hip hop legend Grimm from his youth until today.