Whether you’re currently trying to wrap your head around the potential effects of the very possible demise of net neutrality or if you’re just sitting around wondering how important the opinion of the next person really is when you’re on your way to cop the new Mobb Deep album or if, like us, you’re wondering how important a role critics, racist or not, play at all in the music industry nowadays (since almost everyone can preview an album online prior to taking the plunge on iTunes), why not take a break to listen to some fresh music and decide on your own if you’re feelin’ it or not.

Besides being a founding principle of the means by which we are able to publish self-righteous run-on sentences without much backlash, GRANDGOOD supports net neutrality beacuse we appreciate balance of power. We also support these artists and hope you will too. Don’t just be a spectator, participation is critical.

PLAYTIME: 39min 03sec
SIZE: 53.6 megs

Envelope – Do You Believe Them support
KRSOne – Life support
MF Grimm – Watch Out support
Mekalek + Percee-P – The Gritty Bop support
Saigon + Dead Prez + Immortal Technique + Green Lantern – Impeach The President support
Masta Killa – Ringing Bells support
Lakim Shabazz – Let Me Find Out (Prod. By 45 King) support
J-Love + La The Darkman + Wille The Kid – When The Money Comes support
Shuko + Ra The Rugged Man – Supah support
Mobb Deep & 50 Cent – Pearly Gates (unedited version) support
KRS-One – Bling Blung support
Subtitle – Off Track (remix) support

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