A friend of ours, who recently finished Volume 2 of a compilation series, put us on to Soundclick’s new digital distribution service. The already popular site for indie artists recently decided to sucker punch Itunes, and MySpace for that matter, by providing their customer base with a means of digital distribution for their product. Without having to put up with Itunes’ convoluted application process, independent artists now have the ability to host, distribute and collect payment for their work digitally. Ever wanted to get your work on Itunes but didn’t have the support of an established label or distributor? Ever wanted to sell those few songs you recorded without having to put together a full album? Ever wanted to let people download your work for a fee but couldn’t afford the hosting and bandwidth costs? Or just couldn’t figure out what the hell they were? Now any individual can work towards becoming a full fledged independent recording company with worldwide digital distribution, for a fee I would consider reasonable – especially for a first mover like Soundclick. I have yet to fully disect the agreement or fee structure but I am none the less excited about the service and the progress (for the music industry) this service symbolizes. Link