New album from one of the best mcs of all time is available for free. When throwing Mikah9/Myka9/Mikah9’s name out as one of the best to ever rhyme, it should be noted that he sings on most of his songs. Aceyalone gets all the buzz from the new album with RJD2 but Myka9 drops a good album with a wide range of sounds and styles with no real press. Video clip of live footage is from the Citrus Sessions DVD that accompanies the album. Link, album link

A Message From Myka 9:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this album I’m releasing for FREE on the internet is a token of my appreciation to my loyal fans around the world who stay true to the music!

I hope you all enjoy this humble offering as a show of my gratitude for your continual support of my work.

Sorry for the long wait and look out for Gramophone and DVD’s coming in the near future!

01. Better Intro
02. Citrus District
03. Picture Book
04. Me & My Girl
05. Kit’s Skit
06. Comfortable
07. Stix’s Message
08. Steamin feat. Tracy Lane
09. Determination
10. Stay Strong feat. Stix & Javis of the Luminaries
11. Viles feat. P.E.A.C.E.
12. Higher Water
13. Tabloid
14. Everybody Gets Down
15. Never Knock
16. Joe’s Machine
17. Hollywood Jack feat. Abstract Rude
18. Treeez feat. Jud
19. Lost 4 Days
20. Alive Again
21. Grand Outro


1. The People
2. Soiree