Interesting article on, supposedly, the first all digital music label being backed by a major. Warner Music, led by Edgar Bronfman Jr., is trying to figure out how to adapt and survive to its new environment. Of interest to all you heads of indies, besides an intimation into how vulnerable these major labels feel, is the opportunity to admire your accomplishments. You are usurping their power.You are making my wish come true by bringing them down to their knees. Link

Cordless Recordings is a bet that relatively inexpensive Internet distribution and marketing may give labels a cost-effective way to nurture bands over time, instead of spending as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars to record and market a first album.

It’s also an experiment with patience. The idea is to release short three-song clusters online every few months over the course of nearly two years, allowing musicians to grow artistically and build an audience, an approach that differs radically from betting everything on a single 12-song album.