Very interesting interview with Dreddy Kruger, courtesy of HipHopDX. Kruger goes into depth about his latest project, WuTang Meets The Indie Culture. It turns out Kruger is putting work into some things we here at GRANDGOOD appreciate greatly. The idea of recognizing talent regardless of industry stature or reputation is something we wholeheartedly support and it is one of the main reasons why we do what we do. He is also forcing cats from slightly different sub-cultures to work together. Besides helping you nod your head, the podcast we publish monthly is meant to expose artists or records that we feel represent true talent but will likely be overlooked by the masses. And the songs we choose come from a variety of regions representing many different lifestyles and styles, from West Coast double-time to midwest heavy drum instrumentals. The one constant identifying factor is a heavy hip-hop influence. A driving force behind getting Grandmaster Caz and Dj Signify to come together to produce and record our first record was to provide proof to the world that artists from seemingly different landscapes can work together to create something provocative, fun and just straight up dope. We congratulate Dreddy Kruger on the success of his project and hope his future works get as much recognition (especially that La The Darkman solo album which we’ve been waiting for for a few years now). Go cop the 12inch. Link