Throwdown is a song KRSONE did with the mighty Cold Crush Brothers for his I GOT NEXT album, but it never made it to the final pressing. It was however released as a white label. I’ve been looking for this 12inch on and off for about 2 years now. An Ebay search provided no hits today and a general internet search turned up about 50 pages with lyrics (as always). But for the first time I also came across a link to a feature O-DUB did for soulstrut’s ISH series. Within this feature he writes about 10 or so songs he holds dear and one of them is Throwdown. He even put up an mp3 snippet. download snippet, O-Dub ish feature, labelscans description

[Cold Crush Chorus]
When I say how then you say ho
and if somebody say thug then you say so
cuz theres hell below and you aint tryin to go
so get ready for the throw down
Headz catch wreck and bums get done
B.D.P. Cold Crush KRSone