Short but sweet review of our Grandmaster Caz and Dj Signify 7inch. Link

Listen: If this 7-inch is any indication of what to expect from the brand-new, upstart label GRANDGOOD, then start saving your scratch – because you’re going to be dropping a lot of dough on these dudes. ColdCrush Captain Grandmaster Caz and underground DJ/Producer DJ Signify join forces for this limited-edition (1000) pressing (go buy now), which features two hard-hitting, heavy, near-unbelievable untitled tracks of unmitigated freshness. I’m serious. Each track is only identified by the date of recording: 9/27/03 and 11/16/03, with instrumentals on the flip. The realaudio snippets of these tracks on turntablelab weren’t even done playing, and I had already clicked “Complete Purchase.” It’s not only because I’m a sucker for limited-edition 7-inches – but the droning, rolling production of Signify and the still-hungry-after-all-these-years rapping of GMC had me addicted after two bars. I was a b-boy fiend at the age 13, had a crew more like a put-your-name on your shirt team.It’s one of those records where you just move the needle back to the first groove when it’s done playing…over and over again. With no hesitation. Each track is filled with some classic, hard-hitting drums and some equally hard-hitting emceeing. Caz rhymes with an authentic force, an eager sincerity. Listen: This record is essential. I can only hope that the good folks at grandgood are going to give me more of this stuff – it’s some of the best sounding, freshest rap music I’ve heard in a while: straight-forward, gimmick-free, and utterly impressive in all facets.I used to practice till my cuts was right on time, then Theodore started scratching, that’s when I said I’m gonna take it to another level: And I did, B. First cat to scratch and rhyme, simultaneously.