Speaking of Saul Williams, according to this article/review, he is responsible for nominating Busdriver for the Diesel-U-Music Award for HipHop. Bus won the award and performed alongside other indie artists a few weeks ago in NYC. Decent description of show, but what’s the deal with those comments directed towards Saul Williams?

“Looking positively collegiate in thick glasses, polo shirt, and light beard, Busdriver, whose real name is Regan Farquhar, opened with “I Won’t Dance”, a suitable choice for the sparse, stock-still crowd. Busdriver was nominated for the award by Saul Williams, and the two men have a similar rampant intellectualism, taking greedy pleasure in twisting together elements of high and low culture. No offense to Williams, but the only real difference is one of talent (ok, I guess there’s no way to make that sound inoffensive, but c’mon, Saul, face it).”