Robbie from Unkut points to a somewhat interesting article in the NYTimes about a phenomenon I never saw lableled before – Random Rap – described as a growing movement consisting of mostly young males seeking out and collecting rare and obscure rap records. Now vinyl collectors aren’t a new breed, but according to the author rap-vinyl fiends collectors apparently are and they are increasing dramatically. One example used as a signal of this is out-of-control ebay auctions:

“As random rap’s profile increases, though, prices for crucial records are beginning to soar. A copy of “Pelon,” by the Bronx group 360° – a highly sought-after Paul C production – recently sold on eBay for more than $700. The fervor has even spilled over into the world of CD’s – out-of-print titles on Rap-A-Lot, a Houston label, can trade for over $100, as do gangster rap obscurities from cities as unlikely as Denver and Dallas.”

Anyway, good read. Link to article (registration required), via unkut (unkut posted full article for you non-registering types)