It seems like Buck65 will never fully escape the backlash from his rash and heretic anti-hiphop comments (scroll down), seeing how he now feels the need to include an apology and/or rationalization in his auto-bio (“It was like a fight with your girlfriend where you say all this crazy stuff that you don’t even mean and then after you cry and have incredible sex”), but I think we will all have the opportunity to bare witness to his true attitude towards hiphop when his next record drops, and we will also see the loyalty of his original fan base tested. I haven’t heard much about this record in the regular circles but after reading a few Canadian news sites and perusing his domain, it could be interesting (you can check his site for a sample of an instrumental from the album in the Fly On The Wall section). Set to be released in June (in Europe anyway) it seems to be a slight departure from his traditional one-man-act since he collaborated with Tortoise for a few tracks and I think it’s being mixed down by D-Styles. He also gives a lot of credit to his engineers and other studio people for helping hone the sound of the album (especially the drums, wow). Secret House Against The World is even being personally pitched by the President/CEO of Warner Canada, as is Buck65 the artist who “…is not an artist we will depend on for singles. He’s an artist who will build a loyal fan base willing to take a musical ride with him.” Let’s hope he’s right or else “Free Stinkin’ Rich” might start popping up on t-shirts (as it already has on message boards) . Speaking of Stinkin’ Rich, Four Ways To Rock Hand’Solo Records recently re-mastered and re-released CockDynamiks.