Here’s an interview with Ceschi Ramos of Anonymous Inc. It’s been translated from Japanese using Google so you’ll have to do some deciphering. Anyone well versed in Japanese, let us know. Also featured in their last update is an mp3 of Cash Yo Checks, from David Ramos’ album Jesus Taylor Thomas. Also, a link to a live recording of a set Ceschi did with Icon The Mic King at a Buck65 show at SinE in New York, of course the one night out of his three or four performances that we couldn’t make it. update, interview, live set, mp3

The Ceschi –
as for my name as for ” the Julio Francesco Ramos Tontora ” family and the friend from the place, ” FrancCesco ” ” The Ceschi ” my thing is called. As ‘ the chess key ‘ with said, you pronounce this… We like of course to do the chess. To to to… As for my father with the Puerto Rican Santurce graduate,The mother is the Italian person of new heaven graduate. I to be born in New Jersey, Atlanta It includes, you have lived to many places, but you were brought up mainly with California Berkeley.Now the new heaven where the mother lives (Connecticut state) you have lived. As for Connecticut, New York There is a place about of the empty 1 hour half.As for beginning music at the time of 6 years old… Having lived in the Decatur of Georgia, you learned the violin.Beginning the guitar with 13 years old… As for reaching the point where the lap is done… At the time of 8 years old or 9 years old. I almost There is an interest in all genres, but especially fusion jazz, psychedelic of the sixties,Hard core and flat tire, サルサ and Latin jazz, in D lock and pop and progressive * hip hop,The electro- music (electronic music), and it is the modern mini- Mali strike composer.Presently, Spanish teacher is done in elementary school there is a new heaven… then web designer