If you haven’t noticed already, we like Sean Price’s new Monkey Barz album. That’s why we inluded two tracks off his new lp in our last audio post. Check this interview to see what he’s up to, why he wants to do a track with someone from Defjux and why he’s not recording as Heltah Skeltah anymore. Link (via Imageyenation, thanks El Keter)

Your first two albums came respectively, in 1996 and 1998. Why has it taken you so long to follow with your third LP ?
Because nobody was checking for me that’s why. Fuck you think ? It’s not like muthafuckas were knocking my door down for contracts and shit and have a bunch of offerings for me. I had nothing. I had to grind my way up to make y’all muthafuckas believers. Even you. You probably thought Rock was nicer than me.