Found some press releases regarding the first publically traded company dedicating itself primarily to the Hip Hop community. H3 Enterprises, Inc. is currently trading over the counter for 65 cents a share (OTC: FTCN). It seems to be concentrating on developing a franchise of restaurants and products with a Hip Hop theme including Halls of HipHop, HipHopSodaShops, H3Raps, H3WhiteTea, H3CyberSports, H3’sWorldSeries of CyberSports, and H30. They’ve enlisted the help of industry experts and popular sports figures and they have the support of their parent company, Ultimate Franchise Systems, Inc., that will be maintaining a 15% stake in the company and will be helping to get their products distributed to over 600 fast food stores. Tracking their progress should be interesting. They already signed a deal for 30 locations in Las Vegas. I think getting some artists to lend their popularity/notoriety would probably be a good idea, although I haven’t read anything regarding that yet. Good luck to them. Link