If you’re in the city tomorrow night, stop by the Rothko and catch live sets by Prince Paul and the Beatminerz. You might even bump into grandgood people chillin by the bar thanking Peter from Female Fun for finally throwing a show on a night we won’t have to worry about our curfews. more info

ATTN: Studio Distribution / Female Fun / & others Present: For Immediate Release: “The Beat Masters”Feat. Da Beatminerz, Prince Paul, Nicolay, and Geology.Hosted by Cy Young

The release party to end all, a stellar lineup of incredible producers all celebrating their most recent releases. Da Beatminerz have their latest Fully Loaded with Statik out (Copter Records), reminding us that Brooklyn is a force. Prince Paul’s Itstrumental (Female Fun) is out to take you farther, if Handsome Boy Modelling School wasn’t enough. Nicolay is coming over from the Netherlands representing for The Dutch Masters (Hardboiled, BBE). Geology is a NYC constant who’s musical time has arrived with his first full length album Geology Plays Geology (Female Fun).