Wu Tang Financial visited NYU’s Stern School of Business last week. Um, sort of anyway. I guess this is how it would have went down. Funny pseudo-site, probably created by an IT major with too much time on his/her hands. Link

“Last week, a small group of Stern students were given the rare opportunity to meet with and hear words of wisdom from Method Man, former member of hip hop group The Wu Tang Clan and current CEO of Wu Tang Financial. Wu Tang Financial is America’s fastest growing Private Wealth Management firm and has revolutionized the industry with a new investment methodology now commonly referred to as “CREAM”.Professor Aswath Damodaran moderated the discussion and began everything with a long speech about how big of a fan he is and how Wu Tang’s music influenced his work as a professional. The first question to Method Man was to explain CREAM. Short for “Cash Rulez Everything Around Me”, CREAM expands upon Harry Markowitz’s modern portfolio theory by stretching the limits for what is considered an investment. Under the CREAM methodology, individuals not only invest in stocks, bonds, commodities, etc… but also put money into guns, drugs, and ho’s. ”