Frozen Food Section/Day By Day Entertainment recently released Serengeti’s Noodle Arm Whimsy album. He has another album called Gasoline Rainbows that should be out in April through Rock Day by Day. I was going to explain why I’m looking forward to this album, but how about you listen to a clip and hear it for yourself. release page, interview by todd e. jones aka the new jeru poet, margot from gasoline rainbows

“Gasoline Rainbows’ was an album that I was making forever. I guess I started in 2000. I was working with one guy in this studio, but I didn’t like it. Then, I went to this other studio in 2003 and paid all this money. I had these guitarists and these drummers. There is this band called Local H. In 2003, I made a totally different version of the album. In 2004, I mixed the first version and the second version together…There is a lot of live instrumentation on ‘Gasoline Rainbows’. There are like 7 songs with live instrumentation and 5 songs with just beats and stuff. The album ‘Gasoline Rainbows’ is more serious stuff. There is more songwriting on it. There are a couple of singers on it. The album also cost me a lot more too, because I went to a real studio. On ‘Noodle Arm Whimsy’, we just whipped that up – Interview with Serengeti.”