Prince Paul never fails to impress me. After pushing the limits for clever and outgoing skits, his creativity seems to be naturally evolving into film. It is pretty well known that not too long ago Paul was very sought after for his skit-sculpting craft (say that three times fast). You can bare witness to his work as early as the De La days, all the way to his contributions to the Gravediggaz album (which if I remember correctly was supposed to be a very sarcastic and comedic portrayal of horror-core rap which ended up being something a lot more serious, or it was at least interpreted that way). This seems like a natural progression for the man behind the other concept album Prince Amongst Thieves. The Rise and Fall of the Dix (pun intended) is his newest indie-film project. It will be his second mockumentary, after The Diary of Prince Paul. Can’t wait to pick it up, the album too. trailer, audio, info