Happened upon the site for a public tv show broadcasting in Manhattan called Konscious tv. The latest episode celebrates black history month and features some interesting content including an interview with the director of Scratch, footage of poet Amiri Baraka reciting his work and a cypher in the village:

“Konscious.com is an alternative media network and online community center where visionaries, community leaders, and youth meet. Konscious TV, airing on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, is a bi-weekly half-hour program designed to expose the TV audience to Konscious.com’s online programming.”

“KONSCIOUS TV EPISODE #46: The show begins with an intro from Konscious Producer Hugh Gran. Then listen to an interview with the director of the Movie “Scratch” all mixed together with some fresh excerpts from the movie. Next is the epic poem “Somebody Blew Up America” read by the author Amiri Baraka. The show concludes with a Rapper throwdown in Washington Square Park.”

Link (File: 70.5MB; snapshot 1 – director of Scratch Doug Pray; snapshot 2 – Amiri Baraka; snapshot 3 – cypher)