Grandmaster Caz And DJ Signify 7inch

The first record from GRANDGOOD is now available at So Far West and other spots in California, like Amoebas in San Fran & Berkeley or Access in San Diego. Grandmaster Caz of the Cold Crush Brothers and Dj Signify of the 1200 Hobos recorded this for us last year with help from Waterbed Kev of the Fantastic Five. Grandmaster Caz sounds as strong as ever after 25+ years rhyming with Dj Signify on the Sp1200 – arranged and mixed down later by Steinski and Signify (who have a record or two coming out in 2005 with Bully Records). Spots in NYC should be getting copies soon and stores everywhere else will eventually be able to order from our distributors. Individuals can also get this directly from us. If you’re a dj, buy doubles.