Sole New 12inch Cover

A quick perusal of the website for Southern Records, the record company responsible for manufacturing and distributing Anticon in Europe, revealed that they are gearing up for the promotional push for the third official Sole release, Live From Rome. Their press page contained press releases and cover art for the first single entitled “God Save the Whales” out January 5, and the new album due Febuary 21.

Although the press release suggests the new album will have moments of a greater political swing than Sole’s previous efforts, it also quells any notions of it being a “political album”; “his effort to place the personal and self-critical in the big and political helps him avoid singing to the choir… Live from Rome is a lyric volley of shots taken, but it’s lightened by his humor…”

Since Sole now resides in Barcelona, Spain, it will be interesting to note how differently, if at all, the album is received by the arguably more liberal European crowd.

Press releases and cover art can be found on the press page: