The good folks at Beyond Space Entertainment have set a release date for the Fake Flowers LP, the solo project from our pal Ceschi (Anonymous Inc and TOCA). The album will be available 11/02/2004. The Plague Language has audio for the song Shame with a beat from Aloeight on their website (track 2 on their flash player at the bottom).

Here’s the official(?) press release from BSE:

Ceschi – fake flowers
beyond space entertainment
catalog #bse15
Release Date: 11/2/04

Born in the marshlands of Cricket County, West Virginia, frozen stuck to a flagpole in 1984, Ceschi Ramos composes first sad song; multi-instrumentalist and professional liar, Ceschi started writing songs at age 4, began playing violin at age 7, and rapping at age 8.

Ceschi and his brother David started the eclectic rock outfit Anonymous Inc. in 1994. In 1995, he released his first demo, which enlisted the support of budding emcees iCON the mic king and impakt. By 2000, Anonymous Inc. had worked with a variety of emcees, including circus of the shape shifters, dose and sole of anticon. and Maleko. In 2001, after finally releasing their first LP, Anonymous Inc. linked up with L.A.’s Tommy V. (Imprints/3 Eyed Cows) and Xololanxinxo (Of Mexican Descent) to form the band Toca. Ceschi and David have since worked with L.A.’s
finest emcees, including 2mex, Abstract Rude, Awol One, Busdriver, luckyiam. PSC of Living Legends, Aceyalone and Mikah9 of Freestyle Fellowship, and more.

This leads to “Fake Flowers”–a melody-drenched hip hop-esque record that owes as much to Morrissey and Brian Wilson as it does to Freestyle Fellowship and the shape shifters. Recorded between 2000 and 2004, this album jumps through a multitude of emotions and concepts, forming a nonstop voyage through the fantastic wiring that comprises Ceschi Ramos.