Anticon (Jel, Dose, Nosdam, Alias, Why? and others) has a feature in this month’s issue of TapeOp: The Creative Music Recording Magazine. It discusses the evolution in their use of equipment and recording solutions and the technical and creative reasoning behind their various projects of the passed 6 or so years. If you missed it you should consider getting a Free subscription to TapeOp because it’s one of the better music magazines around. This month’s issue also features an interview with Iceland’s Mum (who have an interesting and confusing website) and a lengthy rare interview with Rudy Van Gelder. Rudy is one of the greatest recording engineers in Jazz history, known for his work with John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk and his contribution to the iconic Blue Note and Prestige record labels. Last year, they interviewed Boots from the Coup and it was a lot more interesting than anything Vibe would cover plus they had Doze do the cover.