LA producer/mc/engineer/ladies-man, Jizzm High Definition, just posted up a bunch of unreleased tracks via soundclick including a joint with Mikah9 and an old Wake Up show drop with AwolOne and J.U.I.C.E.

The Almighty Jizzm and his Illasophic Records offers production/recording/mastering/engineering services and for a limited time only you can buy beats at an hourly rate.

Recently he’s done beats for Murs, XololanXinco and for that Busdriver Party Pooper 7inch I really liked from last year. Going back a few years, he rapped as a lion, snake, and snake killer on the classic “Farmer’s Market of the Beast” with XololanXinco, Radioinactive (who ripped it as a goat), Awol and Circus.