peace to Stan

This is the PILOT show from the legendary Kevin Keith & DD Radio Show! Let me feed you with some very interesting facts shared directly from Kevin about the Pilot Episode
“After working with DNA for a year doing the top 5 countdown on the DNA/Hank Love Show & being appointed Director of publicity for groups like Super Lover See & Casanova, T-Wiz and Too Poetic (pre Gravedigger Poetic) he asked me to launch my own show on WNWK.
The Pilot was a major success but when i decided to move on to other things DNA later relaunched the show (around ’91 or early ’92 ) without me. His version of The Dirty Dozen did not work out so he asked me to come onboard again (which I did sometime in ’92). My version once again proved to be successful & lasted until WNWK converted from an Fm station to an AM one in the late 90’s.
Listening to the PILOT again is a reminder of how primitive the late 80’s sound was in comparison to the mid 90’s lyrical boom bap explosion that took over NYC. There is plenty of stuff here I consider mad cheesy (now). But it was cool launching point for greater things to come. ”
Big respect to Kevin sharing all of this info to the fan base.