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It is with deep regret that I announce that Strong Island radio legend Jeff Foss has passed away on Dec 23, 2018. He was my mentor, my dive buddy, and fellow Navy Vet, but most importantly, he was my friend. He taught me the ins and outs of radio. He gave me my start on radio. For those that knew him, he was a man with a heart of gold. He broke ground with his legendary radio show…The Post Punk Progressive Pop Party aka P5. He was broadcasting his show on WRHU (Radio Hofstra University) 88.7 FM on Saturday nights from 10pm to 2am with his homie Marty Venker (an ex-Secret Service agent turned DJ – Check his book.) I remember going up to the show with my homie Kirby Troop Hockaday to ask him to play my record Armed & Dangerous by The Kings of Pressure. He obliged. While going to the other room to get the Associated Press Wire Service hourly report, the song he was playing finished and there was the dreaded “dead air.” I quickly started scratching the song (on standard issue broadcast radio transcription turntables and the ancient rotary knob board) until Jeff got back. His face showed me that he was not pleased. I thought I was in trouble for touching his equipment. Being the professional that he was, he proceeded to read the AP news on the top of the hour and then put on a song. He then looked at me and said…”If I bring in my 1200’s, will you come back next week and do that?” I said “Hell yes!” The rest is history. We will miss you Jeff. PEace, love, and resPEct.

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