Bravo is one of the channels that has managed to find its way onto Jetblue headrests and therefore I was thrown into confusion yesterday, on a flight back from my vacation borough, as I wasn’t sure if I was really seeing Danny Brown’s ugly ass on a talk show setting that evoked soccer moms or if my Vodka Tonic double (one per kid) was laced with a little something extra. Watching this without audio for a few minutes was unbearable as I couldn’t imagine what the hell they would be talking about and I also couldn’t understand why Russell Brand’s politely outlandish ass was there, except for maybe serving as a safe moderator in case things got out of hand. And once I wrestled my Klipsch out of my bag I was astonished to hear just how shockingly uninteresting and unfunny the entire awkward & strained conversation was. Who would think breast-sucking could be so banal? All I could think was, maybe this would have worked if Tim Dog (RIP) was there instead. And yet I was glued to the stupid screen, partly because I am stupid, and partly as a reflex by a long-time tv consumer who still, even after years of supposed interweb enlightenment, continues to be influenced by the seemingly exclusive nature of Old TV. Even though, retrospectively, I’m not sure if a cable network like Bravo could even be considered Old TV. Anyway, turns out the reason they ended up on the show is a combination of ratings desperation and Kathy Griffins ass. And the most notable thing about this? In the first clip above, from late last year, that sets the stage for the triumphant rapper visit, please note how Anderson Cooper rolls his eyes and corrects the other, other, white lady about Sugar Hill Gang not being gangsta rap, now that’s gangsta!