Shared by Troy L Smith. You might also want to read this interview Troy L Smith did with Rayvon which mentions Ronnie Green and some of the other crews from Harlem of that era.

What about the Mean Machine?

Yea, that was Ronnie Green and the Mean Machine.

No. I am talking about the Spanish Mean Machine that made the record. One of the guys did his verse in Spanish.

I don’t really remember, but there was another group, a dude from Wagner projects called him self Kid Flash. Then there were these two dudes who didn’t have any m.c.s but good equipment. One name Kurt the other, Kenny Sex. They would have open mic, I think they came out of Johnson projects. Louie Lou, Buddy Bud came out of there also. Then there was the Foster 4 with Artie Art as the D.J.. His m.c.s were Shaky Shake, Magic, Mike c or he might have called him self Money Mike. One other guy I can’t remember his name. Foster projects was rocking before Harlem World. Foster was really my transitional period. I used to go in Foster Projects and guys didn’t like me there. I got into a lot of fights in Foster. I used to go to the parties, and have to sit around, because nobody wanted me to touch the mic. Once I got to know them we became alright. Ronnie Green and Jeckle and Hyde would be there. I used to be mic thirsty, there was times I would rather be on a mic then be with a girl. They knew this. Everybody would get on and do them. When parties get slow now, now the mic come over. So I say is it o.k. if I get on the mic? Ronnie says go ahead. So I would bring the party right back up. So Ronnie start feeling that, and he starts putting me on his flyer. He be like yo this dude is nice, we may not like him! Like I said a lot of people did not like me. attitude and so forth, I was kind of arrogant. But you could not deny what I was doing. You could not take that away from me. Ronnie Green was a good dude, even though we had a falling out later on in life. Him and my brother had a beef. My brother shot at him nine times.

Damn! Nine different times or on one occasion nine times?

No, one time. One of my brothers first bid was over Ronnie Green slapping his girl. So my brother found out and went over to Foster projects in a pool room where Ronnie was at and started shooting at him. There was no kids where we were at but it was a type of center that children would be at, other times of the day. So my brother got three to six for it. But he ran up in the pool room where Ronnie was at, and shot nine shots at him because it was a nine shot twenty two, that he had. He bust every shot. I said how you shot all those shots and miss. We thought he hit him, but he didn’t even hit the guy. I said what you blind or something.