Qwel & Maker discuss life on the road.

RubyHornet: So the tour is highs and lows, but when you come back what does that feel like?

Qwel: Coming home is sort of a low, just because you feel so foreign. I love my kids, and I love my girl, but it’s weird feeling like a stranger in my own home. We came back for 2 days in the middle of this last tour and my girl took all my kids over to grandma’s house. She got her hair done, nails done, everything did, but it was crazy cause it was like I didn’t even recognize her, and it f**ked me up. One time I was on tour for a month with Typical Cats and I was supposed to come home for my first child’s first birthday. But I drank a whole bottle of Henny the night before and got super smashed. Luckily, Qwazaar dragged me in the ride and drove overnight so I could be there. I got in right when they were lighting the candles on the cake and I said to my son, “Eli! It’s Poppa!” But I could tell that he was scared, and he started to crawl away from me. That kind of changed the game up for me. I’m not really out here for this groupie s**t, I don’t need to drink with all of y’all after every show. I’d rather just go home.