KRS-One touches upon issues similar to the ones he expressed at the Hip-Hop Museum inaugural event. Tell ’em Teacha!

“Before we can even discuss an institution, let me discuss your welfare first. Have you eaten today? Have you showered today icon? Are you getting your money like you’re supposed to icon? Do you have legal representation? What about health insurance? Before we can even discuss a museum, a college, a hall of fame? While our icons are dying before our faces? This is what the argument is. Only Hip-Hop can build Hip-Hop’s museum. And this is not about icons. If you really feel Hip-Hop in your heart, you are Hip-Hop. But if you really feel Hip-Hop in your heart, then you don’t get your Hip-Hop from a CD. You walk up on Kool Herc and you say “Thank You” and out of your own love, reach in your pocket and hand him something. Honor those who created this whole thing. There has to be a higher level of respect for Flash, Bam and Herc.”