Mr. Biggs, Pow Wow, GLOBE

Mr. Biggs, Pow Wow, GLOBE .

Werner: Well, yeah, I think that’s the problem a lot of old school MCs run into when they make comebacks… They started out trendsetters, coming up with new things and being unique. But then when they comeback, suddenly they’re dressing like the kids, getting whatever guest producers they think are hot today and wind up chasing the trends.

Pow Wow: There you go. That’s the key to it right there, brother. That’s the fuckin’ key; you opened Pandora’s Box, man. That’s the key to it, John: come out and be your fuckin’ self. Be like when you was hungry in your fuckin’ house, sittin’ at your kitchen table, in your bedroom, or while you’re on the toilet takin’ a shit, thinkin’ about what the fuck I’ma say at this party Friday that’s not gonna sound like Melle Mel or Kidd Creole or Rahiem or KK Rockwell or nobody. I gotta sound like Pow Wow; I gotta do Pow Wow. And that’s what I liked about us: we weren’t trying to follow no image or be like nobody.