I caught up with Steve Rifkind during his stay in London.

Firstly I got him to break down the Duck Seazon lyrics where RZA says “Stev Rifkind must be sniffin”.

We then get onto speaking about Steve’s first encounters with artists.

He explains how Havoc lit up a blunt and caused a fire alarm during their first meet.

Steve talks about the first time he met Melanie Fiona and thought her manager was “breath-takingly beautiful”.

Dame Dash as a 16 year old was a “cocky motherfucker”. He came into Steve’s office shouting and screaming with his cousin.

Then Steve tells me two stories about how he threw a chair out of the window and was escorted out of the building in handcuffs over a Wu Tang record and how he almost had a fight with a label President because they wouldn’t sign Jay-Z.

Part 2 coming tomorrow. It includes stories about Akon, Tupac, Wu Tang Clan and the Phantom intern.