Is Hip-Hop History?


Is Hip Hop History? Conference at the Center for Worker Education
February 19-20, 2010

The Is Hip Hop History? Conference was created to facilitate dialogue between hip hop pioneers, legends, tastemakers, fans, college students, and scholars. The conference will initiate an ambitious project to create a platform for the ongoing research and study of hip hop and popular culture at the Center for Worker Education (CWE).

In 2010, the conference inaugurates a hip hop educational program that includes a class entitled History, Culture and Politics of Hip Hop. In this course, 30 students will participate in a 15-week long exploration of, “Nothing less, my man, than the marriage of heaven and hell, of New World African ingenuity and that trick of the devil known as global hyper-capitalism.” (Greg Tate)

During the scheduled two-days, conference participants can select from panel discussions about the commercialization of hip hop, the changing role of hip hop media, the goals and contours of hip hop activism.
The conference will also help fund several scholarships for outstanding students conducting research on hip hop and popular culture. The Is Hip Hop History? Conference is part of CWEs annual celebration of Black History Month.