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Painters who toil and sweat over their craft the way you do with your music production might look at “Victory or Death” and think you’re taking the easy way out. What’s your response to that?

Nah, because I’m not expressing to be a master of their craft. I’m just expressing some I’ve been through. It’s like when I sample a beat. I would sample usually because I couldn’t play the piano. So I’m not taking the easy way out or making a mockery of a piano player. It’s not easy to sample beats and dig for breaks and put sounds together. It’s easier now, but back when I was doing it with the machines we had back in the day, it wasn’t easy to do what we do. Wasn’t no easy time-stretchers, Fruity Loops, none of that shit. Wasn’t no pre-boxed sets of sounds. You had to put your own sound library together. So there’s no easy way out of nothing. I don’t think nothing I do takes the easy way out. But I will take the artistic way out.

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