13 Stories Cover

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Factor returns with 13 finely crafted beats providing a perfect landscape for the sixteen storytellers to tell their stories in verse and rhyme. The album begins with what is sure to be a certified classic, “Sounds Good to Me (Hip Hop)”, featuring the trio of rhyme writers Ellay Khule, Medusa and Joe Dub.

Factor reunites with some familiar faces with tracks featuring Existereo, Noah 23, Sunspot Jonz and Awol One who teams up with Sole on the eerie track “Don’t Jock the Dead”. It also includes some new collaborations with the likes of Oldominion’s Onry Ozzborn and Sleep who offer contrasting styles to tell their stories. New appearances include Icon the Mic King with “Vicious Cycle” and perennial Project Blowedian NoCanDo with “Tell Me”. The rest of the Side Road Records family rounds out the album providing that classic sound listeners have grown to love.

13 Stories will have listeners bobbing their heads and enjoying a more classic hip hop sound. Although it is more traditional in production, you can be assured that Factor delivers with his signature sound that has him known all over the globe. It may be a prelude, but delivers more like the main feature!

Track Listing

01. Sounds Good To Me (Hip Hop) feat. Ellay Khule, Medusa and Joe Dub
02. Don’t Jock The Dead feat. AWOL One and Sole
03. Batteries Not Included feat. Onry Ozzborn
04. Black Fantasia feat. Sunspot Jonz
05. Keep It On track Now feat. Sleep
06. Money In The Bank feat. Existereo
07. In Through The Alley feat. Cam The Wizzard
08. Pulling The Wings Off Of Angles feat. Nolto
09. Vicious Cycle feat. Icon The Mic king
10. Luck Ducks feat. Def3
11. Tell Me feat. NoCanDo
12. Sinking Ship feat. Kay The Aquanaut
13. Sacrifice feat. Noah23