Released back in January and no one told me. That kinda hurts. I could have been listening to this on the train today instead of weeding through bullshit convos about whether or not Peter Rosenberg is deserving of his radio spot (I think he probably is). Or what about that super round the clock coverage of Biggie impersonator Shyne hoppin’ on a plane to Belize. Really? I’m sure someone out there gives a ish, like maybe his mom, but probably not the woman that he shot in the face, or me. I wonder, if Roman Polanski was a rapper…no, no, wait, if Roman Polanski shot a girl in the face, would Woody Allen have still signed that petition? Hmmm, I really do wonder.

And yeah, I’m pretty sure Rosenberg deserves his radio fame, whatever that is. I mean, he really does seem like a fan and he probably gets to work on time everyday. He comes off a bit stanish even, with a subtle and awkward unfamiliarity with the music that makes for a good corporate citizen. Kind of like that kid in class that you know studied real hard and could answer all the questions but still didn’t seem to get it. But that’s neither here nor there. The overarching issue, lest we forget, is that Hot97 radio personalities are corporate citizens first and foremost. Some are reformed rap fans and some are reformed radio hands. Maybe you might catch someone slippin’ late night and playing some independent ish or guests showin up to wild out, but the primary programming? C’mon now. No new tragedies to discuss there.

Although, maybe there are some who would look at Emmis Communications, the struggling parent company of WQHT, and think tragedy. About 5 years ago they had around what, a $700 million or $800 million market capitalization (I’m not wasting life to do the math) and now they’re down to about $40 million and exploring options? There must be some suit and ties out there in the great beyond (in this case I think it’s Indiana) who go home crying hard wondering if they’ll be able to pay down their debt. It’s so sad, I think I might shed a tear :*-( . Meanwhile, WBAI continues to deliver excellent diverse programming with the dollars they scrape fundraising.

Shit, my bad. I started off excited about this new EP from Bru Lei and Amos Famous and somehow lost track. I guess it’s a good thing that good music speaks for itself. Especially when the listeners are built for it. I think there are rap fans out there who listen to rap more because they have to, the rhythms in their minds, in their bones, demand it. They don’t always need someone to explain it for them, radio personality or blogger. They just need to listen, maybe an introduction. Peace to Spitball, Weightless and Doveink.

Danger Zone – We Heart Cali

1. Sure Did
2. My Name Is Bru Lei

3. The L Word
4. The Other Generation
5. Rep The Midwest
6. Goodbye Love