Young Zee & Piff James (Live)

We all know the preponderance of point-and-shoot cameras has helped youtube become an epicenter for second hand footage of shows and a great many of us are mostly grateful (yeah, I know, snooze). But at the same time we also can’t stand it when you see someone uploaded videos of a recent Young Zee show and you can barely make out the music. The lyrics get picked up decently but damn, wouldn’t it be fresh if we could hear the beat?

Yeah, so, I was reading Wired (who, by the way, always eagerly trendhopping, recently published an ontopic article called The Good Enough Revolution) and they had an excellent review of a video recorder manufactured by Samson, a company you might be familiar with from their mics.


The review doesn’t seem to be online but basically, the Q3 incorporates mic capsules from one of their leading products and is an all in one video recorder designed for the sharing crowd. The format it uses is supposed to work well with online video sites and it comes with a usb chord and even a standard tripod mount. I’m not pluggin this damn thing per se but my point is that it seems the tech is improving in this arena so please just consider it next time you go shopping!

Peace to Ming who is currently a real trooper with his trusty point and shoot and the separate portable audio recorder that he takes to every show (I think it might even be a Zoom, which is owned by Samson, but I can’t remember). He then later syncs his audio and video which is the reason his shit doesn’t get uploaded the same night. But at least it sounds good enough to wanna watch, like this Molecules performance of Revenge.