I wasn’t going to throw this up until I read the entire promo msg and noticed that, based on feedback, this may or may not be turned into a single and video. So I just thought I’d add that I’ll probably never listen to this again by choice. It’s not bad. The spit is right. The beat ain’t that weak. But man, I played my purple tape so much back in the day it snapped and I had to buy another copy. I am already very freakin familiar with this. Why would I want to rock a retouch? It’s basically saying, “hey, here are two new verses for that song you really like. Oh, and the beat is like 95% the same. We back!” I mean c’mon, if they can’t go to Rza cause of all the 8 Diagram bullshit drama, there are other options. My recommendation would be (not that they give two shits), J-Love, who’s been keepin it fresh for the past decade or so.

Raekwon ft. Ghostface – Criminology 2