Psycho Realm & Co. have launched an official blog á la Soul Assassins. Check for your regular dose of politicallly dark and sometimes conspiratorial hip-hop with a tinge of apocalyptic spirituality and counter culture materialism. Being from New York I remember how hard it was to get copies of their unreleased cd comps about 10 years ago or so. Even Napster was weak on Pyscho Realm from my memory. But what I do remember is that they were one of the first “underground” groups to have an official site. I think it might have been one of my first online mail-order purchases actually. I look forward to the direct access to their world perspective and more nuggets like this one. Peace & respect to Big Duke.

Sample Clearance

I used a break in this Queen song for “All Along The Watchtower”, which you can find on the Unreleased EP that’s been floating around the underground for about a decade now. It didn’t make the first album because Queen wouldn’t clear the sample. The reason being Duke’s line “they want me lifeless I might just/kill everyone of those faggots like a virus”. They took it personal because of what happened to their lead singer Freddie Mercury, who died of bronchopneumonia induced by HIV back in ‘91, one day after publicly announcing that he had the disease. We didn’t mean no disrespect Freddie.

Queen – Jealousy

Psycho Realm – All Along The Watchtower