Big Duke (of Psycho Realm)

Really glad to hear Big Duke is doing well and that he’s staying busy with several projects, most notably a Spanish album by Sick Jacken. He’s also thinking about rapping again, which I would most definitely look forward to. Interview Part One, Interview Part Two (via)

When you got shot back in 1998 it left you paralyzed. What went through your head when you were told the devastating news?

Actually, when they told me that I wasn’t gonna be able to walk and talk anymore, they had me on so many drugs that it didn’t register in my head right away. They tell me that there’s a big possibility that I might regain movement someday, but they didn’t know when. They don’t understand how someone that caught a bullet to the neck and had their main artery severed can still be alive today. There was literally a fountain of blood shooting out of my fucken neck. They also told us that I wouldn’t make it past that night, but I’m still here.

Family and friends kept me from feeling down when this first happened. When I had the strength and I was able to think clearly, being involved with our music helped keep me occupied and not get stuck thinking about the situation that I’m in. Right now, I’m looking out for my girls and making sure that they’re good keeps me strong and motivated to do everything that I’m doing. Our fans and soldiers also keep me strong and focused. I don’t have time to feel down and depressed, they won’t let me. And I also would never do that to them. People in my situation should find something to do: a job, write a book, travel, to keep themselves occupied. If they just sit there thinking about their physical condition and get all sad and depressed, they’ll start contemplating suicide. I know it’s hard but, get over it and keep living life.

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