is gearing up for relaunch. On some Crazy Eddie shit this time. Link

On Some Crazy Eddie Shit

dear friends,

if you have gotten this form it means that you are one of a select group of companies that we feel comfortable pimping our extremely valuable brand name out to without feeling like complete whores!!! for the first time in our esteemed history is “selling out”. thats right!!! our carefully gaurded cultural significance is finally on sale for others to manipulate and profit off of! looking to get directly in the line of sight of the “in crowd” where “hep” and “cool” “tech savvy” “kids” who “influence opinions” and actually go to “look” at things and “buy” stuff? a lot? now you can! for money!

dont miss out on this amazing opportunity to be the first company on your block to help poison one of todays most respected and noble independent music companies! the company created by the guy who literally coined the phrase “independent as fuck!”! to think: you can be there for the begining of the demise of all our independent values and staunch beliefs! this is no ordinary website! it is a music brand website that actually “means something” to a lot of people! we are on the verge of a huge relaunch that is sure to generate even more than the already insane (insert number of views per whateverthefuck here) per month! hold our hand as we walk off the plank of credibility in to the seas of resignation and PROFIT! we cant wait to do business with you… and if not, we cant wait to see you all in HELL!

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