Tape Mastah Steph: Platonic Affairs

New album Platonic Affairs by Tape Mastah Steph now available. Features beats and rhymes recorded between 1991 and 2007. If you’re not familiar with TMS, check the two tracks below. Bubble Gum Raps is from the album. Death To Science is from the 2006 GRANDGOOD release Programmed D by Dave Dub And The Sutter Cain Gang. Link

[audio:http://www.grandgood.com/wordpress/audio/bubblegumraps remix.mp3]
Tape Mastah Steph – Bubble Gum Raps (Remix)

Dave Dub And The Sutter Cain Gang – Death to Science (Prod. by Tape Mastah Steph , GRANDGOOD 2006)