Suge Knight’s Check To L. Harris

He will be defending himself. Above is a scan of the check he claims L. Harris accepted. Listen to the interview. Link

In an exclusive interview with, the hip hop mogul explains his position on the case and has provided some evidence to back up his claims. In a rare action, Suge Knight is defending himself.

In the phone interview with RB of, Suge Knight also clears up some other misconceptions that have been put out as news. One being that he is finished with ‘Tha Row’ or that he is ready to ‘bury Death Row’. This is not the case, according to Suge Knight.

The hip hop mogul gives a good history lesson on the Michael “Harry O” Harris and Lydia Harris situation. He also touches on Jimmy Iovine, the legal system, past artists that he has helped and a lot more including some thoughts on Britney Spears. He also states his views on Time Warner and the bid they are making for his infamous hip hop / rap label.

Suge Knight also touches on Tupac (2Pac) and Suge also talks about Tupac’s work ethic and what hip hop and rap is missing today. Suge says he would never put anyone on a track with Tupac (2Pac) that Pac would have never allowed on a song with him.

This is an exclusive talk, ‘real talk’ with a true hip hop legend, Marion ‘Suge’ Knight; touching many things; but the main important focus is the fraudulent Harris lawsuit. Suge Knight has provided the documents below, so everyone can see what is happening. Like Suge says “if this can happen to me then it can happen to you”.