This Is Poor People’s Day Podcast

A chance to familiarize yourself with Bigg Jus thanks to 1MC. Link (via)

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01 Lune TNS by Company Flow
02 Orbital Mechanics (f/ Marq Spekt) by Bigg Jus
03 Heavnly Rivers by Bigg Jus
04 8 Steps To Perfection by Company Flow
05 Super Pretzel (Diplo Damage) by Nephlim Modulation Systems
06 Athena by Bigg Jus
07 Gaffling Whips (Dent Puller Version) by Bigg Jus
08 Fendi Shoe Bomber by Nephlim Modulation Systems
09 This Is Poor People’s Day (f/ Patricia Reed) by Bigg Jus
10 Plantation Rhymes (Southern Hospitality Mix) by Bigg Jus
11 Seraphim Revolver by NMS
12 Say Goodbye (f/ Jerold Marcellus Bryant) by Bigg Jus
13 Pipeline Transportation Of The Mind by Bigg Jus
14 The Fire In Which You Burn (f/ J-Treds & Breezly Brewin) by Company Flow
15 I Triceratops by Bigg Jus
16 Invisible Oblivion by Nephlim Modulation Systems
17 The Fr8s by Bigg Jus
18 Supreme Beings by NMS
19 Pray/The Elements by Bigg Jus