NYOIL posted these verses a few days ago. Looking forward to his upcoming mixtape, whether or not it ends up being about 9th Wonder.

I’ll write my wrongs in sad songs and sing symphonies of apologies
Begging pardons from persons and places and things
Praying for forgiveness, finding false hope in failed fantasy
trying to come to terms with what is Actually

I’ll write my wrongs and relate to the mistakes i’ve made
the games i’ve played
and lost
realize the price.. the cost .. of having fallen off

these wrongs i’ll write and scribe hoping to survive long enough to
divide the pain of loosing due to the choices i was choosing
the drum to who’s beat i was moving
and taking this into account may amount to me honestly being free of
the malcontent that consumes me

and dooms me

so i write these wrongs and scribble my pain to hide the shame of
the life i am living
and the pain i was giving freely with no hesitation’
and no comprehension of condemnation
not realizing Karma seeks compensation

so i spend today in sorrow
hoping to have no more wrongs to right tomorrow