Nice & Smooth

Just got home from an amazing night. The only negative comment I can make is the venue and their issues with starting shows on time. Having been to Sputnik twice before, I expected the show to start a few hours late but tonight was ridiculous. Other than that, the performances were incredible and ultra lively. How could it not be? When was the last time Nice & Smooth headlined a show? When was the last time you heard Greg Nice and Smooth B perform a song other than DWYCK? Yeah, a long time. Now, off to the recap…

Like I said before, the night started off crazy late as expected. Everyone seemed to be a bit agitated about the wait but that’s nothing new for a hip-hop show. However, the whole atmosphere quickly shifted when Nice & Smooth hit the stage. Greg Nice has something a lot of other live hip-hop acts don’t: an incredible amount of energy. He literally performed whole verses jumping up and down uncontrollably. On top of that, he was beatboxing for long stretches throughout the night. How old is this guy again? Not to be outdone, Smooth B was exactly that with his almost monotone flow and delivery. Greg Nice’s yin to Smooth B’s yang and that’s why they’re a great duo.

They performed all the classics like Funky For You, Sometimes I Rhyme Slow, Hip Hop Junkies and more! In between tracks, Greg Nice would start beatboxing a variety of old and new school joints and the crowd would oblige by screaming the lyrics to everything he came up with. When the night was winding down, they brought out some close friends i.e. Sadat X, Craig G and Easy Mo Bee. Sadat performed a two minute acapella. Craig G did a verse from Droppin’ Science. And Easy Mo Bee? He showcased his beatboxing skills a bit. Did I forget to mention who the DJ was? None other than Teddy Ted from the Awesome 2.

All in all, it was a dope performance. Hopefully, Nice & Smooth will bless the fans more often with their live shows. As always, I was able to record some video so check back soon. Or visit grandgoodtube if you can’t wait that long.


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