In this interview conducted by SixShot.com, NYOIL goes into his struggles as an independent artist. Link

Do you consider building wealth, and having a nice car and a nice house wrong? Do you feel people should put these goals on the back burner?

Are you crazy? (Laughs) Get that dough!!! Get all the dough!! Fuck That! I am a capitalist. I am an American. I don’t have issue with these things. I have an issue with people who misuse the rights and sometime privileges they are blessed with to do wrong to the people. But get that money. How will we ever get a foothold in this country or make some sort of changes if we are not able to significantly lobby from a political and economic platform.These things have to be recognized and embraced. Black men and women need to focus on becoming strong in new frontiers so we can compete. Not just rappers and athletes.