Columbus or Bust

Originally released in ’05, Weightless Recordings recently decided to give this album away. Produced entirely by Blueprint. Link

Favorite tracks:

[audio:Track 13_iwillnotlose.mp3]
Stream I Will Not Lose by Greenhouse Effect

[audio:Track 2_stillshook_96kbps.mp3]
Stream Still Shook by Greenhouse Effect

[audio:Track 5_ethugs.mp3]
Stream E-Thugs by Greenhouse Effect

Columbus or Bust was released in 2005 and is produced by Blueprint. All the rhymes are by Blueprint and Fess. It features guest vocal appearances by our friends Murs and Jakki da Motormouth. We licensed this record out to another label that didn’t do anything to promote it, so to create awareness about it and make sure the fans that support us to the fullest know about it and own it, we have decided to GIVE THIS ALBUM AWAY.