Didn’t get a chance to update my previous post but Slick Rick and Jeru The Damaja got added to the bill last minute. Ridiculous lineup. Jeru had the best performance by far. Not only was he really entertaining but his voice was crisp and clear. And do I even have to talk about the sick flow? EPMD was great as usual, especially when Erick Sermon kicked a dope acapella near the end of their set. As for Slick Rick, I’ve seen him perform four times already this year and he always does the same set, complete with the “Old School vs. New School” intermission. He’s a great live act but maybe switch it up a little? Now, why am I mentioning Nas last? Simply because his set was kind of lackluster. He forgot the lyrics to some songs and, to be honest, it sounded like he was really struggling up there with his breath control right from the jump. Big ups to Marley Marl and D-Nice for DJing the EPMD and Slick Rick sets!

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